Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sticking My Tongue out in Church

One thing I love about St. Stephens, where Latif and I are members, is the wonderful stained glass windows. On my first Sunday I could hardly take my eyes off them. On the north side of the altar is this one:

When I went up for Communion I noticed a detail that escaped me from the pew. The lamb at Christ’s right side has his tongue sticking out. Just as I was wondering what would lead the artist to include such an odd detail I found myself doing the most natural thing a member of Christ’s flock does at the altar rail…I stuck my tongue out and my pastor put Christ’s body there. I think the artist was a genius.


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  1. Where Sunday in seraphic light
    I knelt as full of grace as most
    And stuck my tongue out at the priest
    A fresh roost for the Holy Ghost.

    From "First Confession" by X.J. Kennedy. It wasn't until I converted from LCMS to Lutheran that I understood that last line.