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Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal December 19-21 1966

Dez. 19
We ended our Holy land tour and we spend the day with leisure. We did some window shopping just for killing time. Afternoon at 3.30 We flew from Athen to Beiruth. Since the Ailrline Quanatis with them what should have to fly, was on stricks. So we did have to fly with the M.Easth airline to Beiruth and from Beiruth, with the Swiss Airline to Teheran. We arrived midnight in Teheran with a Trippy nose and a bad cold. We cald up our sone-in-law by phon and They picked us up from the Airport. Through the Quanties airline striche, I did have to pay of $65.50, because we made a little detour.

Dez. 20 We are by our daughter and soninlaw as guest for two months. Since we are tired and both of us have a bad cold a long rest will be good for us. Our daughter father in law Gen. Fazeli visited us and invited us to his house but as long as we have a cold, we will go nowhere.

21. Stayed the whole day in the house. Our little ground son Pirus is in the Hospitel and we can’t even see him.

Transcribing My Grandfathers journal.

The point of this Trip Around the World project is to share my Grandfather’s journal. This is a fun project for me. I love history and any time a personal twist can be added all the better.
As best as I can I’ve tried to transcribe this document without editing it. Now I am the last person in a position to complain about spelling and handwriting, but I want you to realize that this project is not as simple as say, compiling Facebook statuses into a journal.

I usually need to go over each entry about three times. The first I just read, then I transcribe, then I wait a few days or hours before comparing my transcription with the journal and hope that I’ve managed to decipher it correctly and often that last read through I can figure out some of the more difficult words.
Reading a person’s handwriting is a skill that improves with practice, but even with practice I still come across things that I have a hard time figuring out. It does not help that I’m not always familiar with the places he is describing and he often uses unfamiliar spellings for many places. The two scanned examples will let you see some of my challenge. You can click on them to see a larger image.
The first is November 26 and the second is the conclusion of December 10 and the start of 11.


lhg edited and approved.

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Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Dec 1-18

Dez 1.
Sightseeing to the Sakkaro archeological area. We have seen the ruins of ancient Memphis alabaster Sphinx the tombs and pyramids of the King Sakkara, who reignt 2900 B.C. The pyramids were the cemetery for the Kings of Egybt. By the Pyramids there are also the ruins of the Tempels. The Splings of Memphis and Splings King Sagar. afternoon we have seen the allabster Masque Church wich is build of alabaster marcher. Before we entered with Masque they put over our shoes linen sak cover.
The citadella of Cairo, or fortress. There also before we entered the Masque of the zitodel wich also build allabaster manor and is about of 70 by 50 m in [ ] did have to cover our shoes. From the terasa of the zitodelle is a nice feu over the whol city of Cairo.
The cemetery of Cairo is very interesting bietwin the graves are huts or small houses. There is costum, that the people stay by the graves one or two days after the burial, therefore are there the houses.
We also have seen the shopping center or the open market on the street.
Alabaster Sphinz, colossal statue of Ramses II, The serapeum the tombs of Ti and Ptah Hotep Excursion to the Citadel, the mosques of Sulton Hassan, Mohamed Aly.

Dez 2.
Visit Egyptian Museum containing the famous treasures of king Tut Ankh Amon By exgreveting the kings tomb, they found the king and momis in 4 champers and in 4 cofiens
The top Cofien as of 24 carat and weight 110 kg. Other 3 are of wood and covered with gold each solid gold and coffin weigh 110 kg.
Excursion to the Pyramids of Guizeh. Camel ride to the great pyramid of Cheops: wich is 450 feet high. 10,000 people build this pyramid in 30 years. The Sphinx of the farao Ramses had 200 feet high and is 300 feet long. We went inside to the greatest pyramid, has very nerow steps and the halls to the chambar are only 3 feet high. Late in the evening, we went to the great pyramids and have heard and seen the Sound and Light of the Pyramids and Sphinx or the great story of the great Faraors of Egypt afterward we went to the Desert camp for dinner and was for us entertainment.

Dez 3.
Flight to Luxsor Luxor is a old city and in the city is not much to see. However Luxor has a great history, with her natural pyramids Tombs and temple of their great Ferors or the Kings of Egypt who built this places
The Tombs and Tempels With her splendor work of art is very magnificent for the whole world.

Dez 4.
Excursion to the Mountan Thebes, or the natural Pyramid of the Tombs. We have seen the Tomb and in the tomb the moumy of the King Tut Aukh Amon Tomb of Seti who reignet 3500 B.C. The fathers of the great Farou Ramses the 2nd, Tomb of Arnenophis II, Tomb of Ramses IX, The Luxerious Tempel of the quen Hatshepsout and the Tempel of Karnak or the grat temple of aumon Rah. With her splendid columns and art work. This Tempel has had three different cult or worshiper. The front of the Tempel were the egypian in the center the Islams and on the back the Christians. The emperor Constantin of Rom dedeated this part for the Chritions
The tombs are 300 feet underground. The artists worked in the tombs chamber with miror light. The Kings build their tombs during Their reign and when they died then the work also stopt for ever on his tomb and also on his temple. We also have seen the tombs and temple of the noble man and the architect Ramose 1000 B.C. who did not belive on the many gods of Egypt, but he belived in one God, The untouchable god of light and so als his daughter Nefeltay the wife of the King Ramses II. Back to Cairo

Dez 5.
Egypt the city of Cario has tow culture in dweling and also in constan. It had modern buildings in Western stile has many souveneer shops. The city people are mostly dressed in Europian stile, but the people in the country wore robs and they are dwelling in mud hut and have no roof on it. The people are laisy,
We leave Cairo at 3.30P.M. and arrived in Beirute Lebanon at 5.15 P.M.

Dez. 6
Excursion a 200 mil long from Beirut to Pigeon Crotlo, Dog River Byblos or Bibas Fortress, was build in 1100 by the Christan Crusade The temple of King Ahakrien of 2300 B.C. Salt bath at Meditheranie allmerek City ashtrom |1 Pcel. Dany Thomas Village The oldes cidar tree is 3000 B.C. or 5000 years old Tripoly City Kadisha Mountain and valley. The whole ride was up on the Libaniex Mountain it was the niciest senery what I ever have seen.
We stopped by our driver a friend for a coffe and the people there were very kind . at night we were in the thealnie have seen the Myana.

Dez. 7
Excursion early in the morning to Baalbeck and Damascus. Driving along the Lebanese summer resorts ally Balback the second largest city of Lebanon. The place where east and west have met merged a crossroads where different influences and belifs have come together in mutual underdanding.
Temple Jupiter where still six huge colums or pillar are standing a hight of 65 feet.
Tempel Bacchus is complete except the roof and the temple venus.
The tempels were build by the Romans 200 B.C. pillar are of 3 huge stones, and the bottom on weigh 250 tons. The huge 3 blocks, each measures between 19-20 m by 4.50 in diameters. The large court and the altar with wite steps where the Romans sacrafyst ther animals to their gods.
Damascus Siria The Omayad Mosque is very interesting wich was the Aramean Temple in 930 B.C. of god Hadad and was turned converted into a Temple of Jupiter in 2nd Century and in the 4th century was the Basilica of St. John the Baptist, in the time of Theadosius the Great and since 750 centuries D.C. was wholly converted into a mosque and still carrying the legent that St. John is buried in it.
This large building is 500 feet long and 140 feet weit. In the great building four different culture worshiped their gods. From 750 D.C. till the present time is a moslem Mosque. It is allowed just to go into the Mosque by bar foot. Pasha Azein Palace with the splendor decoration and orange parc. St. Paul converting place to clorisenity the house where St. Paul was let to escape. The Eastern gate of the city and the straight street wich was at the time of Christ 13 feet lower as the straight str. Is now. It is 1.5 mil long.

Dez. 8
De leaved early in the morning Beirut at 6.15 from the Hotel Riverio and 7.30 we floo to Jerusalem. When we were above Jerusalem the fog was so tick, that the plane counldn’t landing we flyet a few times around und the airport and finaly after two hour flyet we did land at the airport of Arman instead of Jerusalem.
Excursions to the Shepherds field, The garden of gethsemane, Church of Pater Nostra, Wehre Jesus was praying and where Judas did betraied Him
The hill Chapel where Jesus went into Haven. We still can see the foot print of Jesus, where He stood.
The Town of Bethlehem, The place where Jesus was born and did live till Joseph and Maria escaped with Him to Egypt. The emperor Constantin of Rom, build a church on Jesus birth place The church of Nativity was build at the church has Altar for the Gree Ordodox, Armianian and Catholics.

Dez. 9
Excursion to Jeriho
Temptamshem mountain where Jesus was Tempted by the Devil
Jordan River the place where Jesus was baptized
Death or salty sea
Coruran village of the 1-8 Century was destroyed by earthquake The hill where the scrol was founded of the old testament. The wall of Jerusalem was erected by Salomon
Garden of Gethsemane with the 3 churches
The Lasarus Church where Lazarus was arisen from the death by Jesus.
Old city of Jerusalem
The Golden Gate
Herods Gate
The church of Calvary or the Church of the Resurection The place where was condemned to crucifying by Pilatus. The Holy Sepulchere, Mount Calvary and the place where the Holy cross was founded. The road where Jesus carried the cross up to the scalp hill where he was crucifiet.

Dez. 10
The garden Tomp Interior and Golgatha Hill. An excavation of Rev. Gordon of England Be believes this place was or is the Sepulehre of Jesus and the hill on the North of garden is the seal hill where Jesus was crucified.
The ruin of the temple Salamon. The Toump of the Rock, Qubbat as Lakhara Arabic Architecture. The Mosque is 167.60-1675 in the center of the building is the sacred Rock. The Rock is 17.70 long and 13.50 wide and is 1.65 high
High over the Rock is the beautiful dome in Mosaic colanr and glory supported by an ornate cylindrical drum, wich in turn is supported by 12 marble pillars and four granite piers. The whol glorious building is decorated with stained glass windows in gold also outside the whole great mosque is glorious with the colorful mosaic walls and columns St Anno Church where Maria was born and the pond with wasse where Jesus hield the sick.
The old city of Jerusalem was 2000 years ago 80 feet lower as it is at the piesent time. The city of Jerusalem is build on 5 hills.
The garden tomps was excavated in 1873 by archaeological Mr. Rider Haggard and Rev. Germene Gordon and they belive that the crucifiction and the sepulcher of our Lord Jesus is on this place according to the Bibel the crucificetion was carried Nord out of the Dacuaseus gate on the skull hill and the family sepulchre of Joseph of Arimathea was used for Jesus what likely is in the garden timap place.

Dez. 11
We leaved Jerusalem Jordan through the Maundebbaum gate to the other side of Jerusalem to Israel at 8.30 and went to the Mountain Zion to the King David Tomp Domintion Church was build by the Roman Emperor Constantin. The room of the Last Supper
Euplem of Israel parlament building
Bil Rose Garden art museum, Hadassah Medical Guran Region where the Serol was found.
Town of Judea where John the Babtise was born. A ride through the Shero region that is the richest fertile land of Israel with orange plantation and grain field a ride of 220 Km to Tiberias.

Dez 12.
Excursion from Tiberias to Capernaum where Jesus priched in the temple the old town was in 2and century excavated.
Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus did feed the multitude of 5000 people. Pop 30,000 Nazareth. The Grotto of Maria Ananciation and the Grotto where Maria and Joseph and Jesus lieved on the place is the anuncation church in construction. It will be the largest church in middle of east.
The memory of Jesus childhood.
Capernaum with Lake Galilee Nasaret up the hill left St. Joseph Church of the city of Tel Avio 450,000
See port Haifa Pop 230,000
Cuesarea water Equaduct was build 2000 years ago
Fortress or fortification was buildt by the crusaders at the 10 century
Jaffa the city daling back 3500 year.

Dez. 13
We didn’t have program for this day so we slept longer made 2 hour long walk in the town of Lad, close to the Hotel Avid. A Jewish Town of 15,000 popolation 50% are Jewish refugies. They lieve in poor housing. At 19.45 we leaved Tel Avio and At 22.00 arived in Instanbul.

Dez. 14
Excursion with a ferry boat atlong through the Bosphorus till Sariyer ride of 16 M and back with a car to Instanbul. Had a diner of Turkies special foods and afterwords have seen the famous St. Sophia Greek Baselica built by Constantin at 365 D.C. Build by architect Justinian The wall and the Tombs are in mosaic is 77 m. long 71 wite 56 high. The tomb is 31 wide has 107 column. The Fortress of Bonphorus the underground Palace water zister or water reservation build by the Romanus has 135 colums is 170 M long and 60 m. wite.
The blue Mosque, build by Mohamed the first in 1650, had 6 minaretts and 105 colums of marmas the whole Mosque insid is blue and gold in mosaic the Hippodrom with the obelisk of Theodosius The whole is brought from Egypt. The famous grant Oriental bassar.

Dez. 15
We leaved at 10.30 Instainbul and arrived in Athen airport at 11.50 excursion in Athen, The Royal Palace and changing guard, the house of parliament and the tomb of unkown soldier. Temple of Parthenon was bud. 5th century B.C.
4 pic taken
Temple Zeus
Odaion of Herod Atticus
Temple of Athen
The acropolis hill is a place fortified by nature. The excavation have proved it has been inhabited since theneolithic age (3500-3000 B.C.) During the Mycenean era (1600-100 B.C.) a strong cyclopcian wall of 4-4.5 m thick surrounded the hill of the acropolis where the king’s palace stood.
There was a second external wall, they called this second wall encapylos, wich the word explains which has nine gates or entrances.
The acropolis was adorned by splendid temples of their gods and godess Kekrops Athene. Olypya Zeus, Nicke Apollo ECTR. Jupiter. The Sacred Rock the Temple Nike acripo was destroyed during the invasion of the Persians in 480 B.C.

Dez. 16
Exursion ot Daphni Thebes, Lavadio is 3000 feet above see level Delphi the excavation of the temple Apollo, the Museum and the theatre. Temple Apollo was build 6th Century B.C. was destroyed by Earthquage and by the Bisanges

Dez. 17
From Delphi to Itea from there a ferry boat ride to Corinth Island Philip. The town of King Mydinian of 19th Century B.C. tomb of King Agamenon

Dezc. 18
Argalis to Epidaurus, Temple of Asklepeios, The museum and Theeatre of Tholos. Was build 8th Century B.C. it has 115 stairs. Wich connect the two gulf fron coret to cstis.
The Corinth Canal is 6 Km. long 250 M wide on the top at the bottom 75 feet and deph 225 fe. The water is 95 F dep.

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Nov 26-30

Nov 26 Sightseening to Napoli and to Capri. We leaved in the morning at 8.05 Rome with a fast train and arrived in Napoli at 10.25 as we did look for the information office, there came to us a man from a sightseeing crook camp. What I cal them. And he seth to us that he is from the information office and he will show us the way where to go. When we came out from the rail station there was a car for us waiting and he sath set into the care we take you to Capri and it will cost for both of us the trip to Capri and back to Napli 24,000 Lira or 29.50.
We will see in Pugliano a coral factory and there we have seen how they make there by hands nice and expensive jewels from corals and shells in gold and silver frames. From there they drove us to Pompei an old exgrevated Roman City and from there we went to Socrento Souento is a nice city, population of 15,000. On the clift of the Meditheranian are bild the Luxerous Hotels and Villas
I Sovrento they put us in a small cargo bout wich was loaded with woods, bricks, iron beams, roof tiles and many other junks. The ship carried also a cow and a pair of Goats and 9 pasanger on the deck according to the boat schedule, the boat leaved the harbor one hour later. We had one and a half hour ride in the Meditheranian to the Capri island
The boat was dirty and it did stink, just like a barn yard.
We arrived at 15.10 in Capri and the next pasanger ship from Capry to Napoli did lieve at 16:00 so there was not much time to see of the Island Capry
[We found out, that we payed for the trip the double money then wath it should have cost.]
The Capry island is build on a small bay. The island consist of two rocky mounten a surface of 10.3 KM and has a population of 8000.
The city and so also the while Island is very actractive with her clifts and sineries. At 16.00 We leaved Copry with the a pasanger Ship De Espan to Neapoli and arrived at 18.00 in Neapoli. There we made a walk of 45 minute from the harbor through city to the railroad station. We leave by train Napoli at 19.00 and arrived at 21.90 in Roma

Nov 27 Sightseeing in Roma
The story of Rome covers 27 centuries. The foundation of Rome has been set by Romulus at 753 B.C. and now has a population of 2,500,000
By the tour we have seen the Villa Borghase, The olimpic stadium, Duca of Aosla bridge. The sport studio with is sorounded with statues of Navons. The Pantheon The oldest Christian Church or Basalice in the world. Has been build by Marcus Agrippa at 27 B.C. as a pantheon and the Chriten of Roma made of that pantheon their first church. The basilica has 43 feet in circumference and is 43 feet high. The whole structure is round and has a bronz capula and has no pillar inside. The door is mad of bronz and is one foot thick. Basilica St. Maria De angeli, also one of the oldest church of Rome is a old Roman structure. Is build inside with red and wite marurs and the whole church is ful with oil painting and statues. The whole church look inside very fabolus, but outside it look like a Roman rouin. St Peter Basalica of Rome the largest Baselica in the world. The we received Gods blessing from the pope

Nov 28 Sight seeing the second day of Roma
We have seen St. Giovani Basilica the first Crition in the word was build 2000 year ago by the Roman Emperor Constantin of it was before a sinagage the catacomb. The place has been before a old slave cemeter and during the Christian persecution the Christen used this places for assempling and living places It covers wast area had 4 floor underground and the graves tunel 17 km long.
Basalica of St. Paul or St Palo This church was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantin on the spot where the Apostle Paul were preserved. Wes almost destroyed by fire in 1823 and has been rebuild in Baroc stile and is the most richest church in the world. The Church as 1000 white marmor pillars and 300 gold medals and has mosace frescos and mosaic floor. 320 by 300 [ ] feet and has also a monastery with a exsotic flower garden. Pyramid of cestius and the old Roman Colossemum

Nov 29 We leaved the air line bus terminal of Roma at 10.40, and arrived at the Roma Airport at 11:30.
Since the TWAirline was late of 1.30 minutes so we got a free lunch at the airport.
We leaved Roma at 13.40 and arrived at the Cario Airport at 16.45 a man of the Sita Travel agency was waiting for us at the airport and he took us to the Nile Hilton Hotel.

Nov 30 Sight seeing to the Nile Delta.
We have seen a few dams and bridges on the Nile and quite a few mud huts. The soil or the Land of the Delta is very rich; however, the people are very poor. They liave in the huts with no roof on it and the cows and bufalows are also poor and bony.

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Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Nov 6-25

Sorry I got so far behind. I hope to be caught up by Christmas.

Nov 6. We were invited to Miss A Unger for super

Nov. 7 We were invited for diner to the Plasers and for supper to Mr. & Mrs. Kohl.

Nov 8-9 We went to Burgenland and visited on old friend of Heilig in Lurndorf and in Parma our old Neighbor of our former Home land Hungary the Furhermans

Nov 10. We went sightseening in Wiena to the Shopping Center, Empire Palace and have seen in the palace the Empires furniture, Freskos and paintings and velualbe decorations

Nov 11. We went to Swanenstad visiting on old friends of us the Kastles.

Nov 12 Linz is a nice old city, The Capitol of Upon Austria has a shopping center, Cathedral and a park atlong the Danube river.

Nov 13 St. Pilter
We went to visit a former school teacher from Hungary. Mr. Kurz. He lives outside of the city of St. Palter. It was 2 ½ mil long walk and it was a raining
We got real wet.

Nov 14 Back in Wiena
We were invited for a supper to Mr. & Mrs. Eisenbach, an old friend of my wife.

Nov 15-16 We stayed at home. I wrote daeri. I was behind with my writing for a few days and my wife did some sowing.

Nov 17
Sight seeing to the Empire Castle, The Spanish hors ride school. Hof burg and Schatz Kamer. Have seen the Koronation Jewels and the ornaments and many other things. St. Stephan Cathedral with high tower and some other churches. The Park of Schonbrin and also the parlament and many other historical buildings and Statues. Belvedere palace.

Nov 18 Mrs. Nehis invited us in the evening to a wine stoobe for wine dringing on the home way was raining, so we got wet inside and so also outside.

Nov 19. We made a visit to our former neighbor to Mrs. Hoffer, from Hungary. We didn’t see each other for 21 year. Since we were driven out by communist regime. Than afterword we went to a friend of my wife To Miss A Unger to say good by and there we met to ladies from Hungary. We had there a good conversation of the old time.

Nov. 20.
For noon, we went into a church of Lising and afternoon we were invited for diner to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kohl and after diner, I show them the films wath I made in our European tour through 14 countries and we had there a good time.

Nov 21. We stayed at home by the Wormer and wrote my diary and som postcards for our friends.

Nov 22
We went to Schimbrien into the Zoo of Wiene and have seen all kinds of birds from all countinents and all kinds of animals. Then afterwards we went to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to say good by We werein Wiena for 23 days and during that time we had almost every day rain and fog. So we didn’t see much of Wiena.

Nov 23 We leaved Wiena at noon at 12.00 with a fast train train to Roma, Italia and when we came to the Wiena newstad about 80KM the sun came out and we had a nice sunshine trip till Scuering.
In Seumering, There was a foot snow on the ground and when we came to Arnoldstein, the Austraian and Italian border there was snowing and morning on Nov 24, when we arrived in Rome at 8.25 it did raining.

Nov 24 Rome
Afternoon we made some shopping

Nov 25 We were out shopping for the whole day. We bought some presents for our grandchildren daughter and son-in-law and for his parents and sister