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Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Nov 26-30

Nov 26 Sightseening to Napoli and to Capri. We leaved in the morning at 8.05 Rome with a fast train and arrived in Napoli at 10.25 as we did look for the information office, there came to us a man from a sightseeing crook camp. What I cal them. And he seth to us that he is from the information office and he will show us the way where to go. When we came out from the rail station there was a car for us waiting and he sath set into the care we take you to Capri and it will cost for both of us the trip to Capri and back to Napli 24,000 Lira or 29.50.
We will see in Pugliano a coral factory and there we have seen how they make there by hands nice and expensive jewels from corals and shells in gold and silver frames. From there they drove us to Pompei an old exgrevated Roman City and from there we went to Socrento Souento is a nice city, population of 15,000. On the clift of the Meditheranian are bild the Luxerous Hotels and Villas
I Sovrento they put us in a small cargo bout wich was loaded with woods, bricks, iron beams, roof tiles and many other junks. The ship carried also a cow and a pair of Goats and 9 pasanger on the deck according to the boat schedule, the boat leaved the harbor one hour later. We had one and a half hour ride in the Meditheranian to the Capri island
The boat was dirty and it did stink, just like a barn yard.
We arrived at 15.10 in Capri and the next pasanger ship from Capry to Napoli did lieve at 16:00 so there was not much time to see of the Island Capry
[We found out, that we payed for the trip the double money then wath it should have cost.]
The Capry island is build on a small bay. The island consist of two rocky mounten a surface of 10.3 KM and has a population of 8000.
The city and so also the while Island is very actractive with her clifts and sineries. At 16.00 We leaved Copry with the a pasanger Ship De Espan to Neapoli and arrived at 18.00 in Neapoli. There we made a walk of 45 minute from the harbor through city to the railroad station. We leave by train Napoli at 19.00 and arrived at 21.90 in Roma

Nov 27 Sightseeing in Roma
The story of Rome covers 27 centuries. The foundation of Rome has been set by Romulus at 753 B.C. and now has a population of 2,500,000
By the tour we have seen the Villa Borghase, The olimpic stadium, Duca of Aosla bridge. The sport studio with is sorounded with statues of Navons. The Pantheon The oldest Christian Church or Basalice in the world. Has been build by Marcus Agrippa at 27 B.C. as a pantheon and the Chriten of Roma made of that pantheon their first church. The basilica has 43 feet in circumference and is 43 feet high. The whole structure is round and has a bronz capula and has no pillar inside. The door is mad of bronz and is one foot thick. Basilica St. Maria De angeli, also one of the oldest church of Rome is a old Roman structure. Is build inside with red and wite marurs and the whole church is ful with oil painting and statues. The whole church look inside very fabolus, but outside it look like a Roman rouin. St Peter Basalica of Rome the largest Baselica in the world. The we received Gods blessing from the pope

Nov 28 Sight seeing the second day of Roma
We have seen St. Giovani Basilica the first Crition in the word was build 2000 year ago by the Roman Emperor Constantin of it was before a sinagage the catacomb. The place has been before a old slave cemeter and during the Christian persecution the Christen used this places for assempling and living places It covers wast area had 4 floor underground and the graves tunel 17 km long.
Basalica of St. Paul or St Palo This church was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantin on the spot where the Apostle Paul were preserved. Wes almost destroyed by fire in 1823 and has been rebuild in Baroc stile and is the most richest church in the world. The Church as 1000 white marmor pillars and 300 gold medals and has mosace frescos and mosaic floor. 320 by 300 [ ] feet and has also a monastery with a exsotic flower garden. Pyramid of cestius and the old Roman Colossemum

Nov 29 We leaved the air line bus terminal of Roma at 10.40, and arrived at the Roma Airport at 11:30.
Since the TWAirline was late of 1.30 minutes so we got a free lunch at the airport.
We leaved Roma at 13.40 and arrived at the Cario Airport at 16.45 a man of the Sita Travel agency was waiting for us at the airport and he took us to the Nile Hilton Hotel.

Nov 30 Sight seeing to the Nile Delta.
We have seen a few dams and bridges on the Nile and quite a few mud huts. The soil or the Land of the Delta is very rich; however, the people are very poor. They liave in the huts with no roof on it and the cows and bufalows are also poor and bony.

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