Sunday, October 30, 2011

A daughter returns home

Being a pastor’s daughter in North Dakota I always felt more like a tumble weed than a rooted plant. I was passing through and no matter what brush I might have gotten caught in, I had no roots. When the winds changed I’d eventually be on my way. At least that’s what I thought. For 14 years of my life I was a member at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, ten miles outside of St. Thomas, ND. The parsonage was across the road. I was confirmed at that church and married there, then I left with my husband and have lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Fort Wayne Indiana and now I’m back in Milwaukee. Since I left North Dakota in 1994 I’ve only been back to that bit of country once to visit my parents, and it wasn’t a Sunday. So the last service I attended at St. Paul’s was my own wedding. Dad retired in 1998 and moved to Eau Claire Wisconsin, so in my mind I had no reason ever to go back there.

When my sister Sarah proposed us taking a road trip to Winnipeg for my cousin’s wedding I was excited and in the planning it looked like going to church in North Dakota would be an easy fit for our plans. Figuring out the service time was easy since I knew the pastor from my time in Fort Wayne and had friended him on Facebook.
I had learned from Sarah the year before that the parsonage was sold and moved away. The pastor that serves my father’s former parish lives in Cavalier. When I saw the pictures I got teary eyed. The view from the church just didn’t look right. In some sense I wanted to see it for myself but I was unsure of what emotional effect it would have.

The video below shows starting what would be the end of the driveway to the parsonage.

Sarah and I arrived early and there were about two cars in the parking lot. St. Paul’s does not have the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, but we were happy to see we’d be doing Matins, modified slightly for Sunday worship. It was wonderful. That’s the only word that comes to mind. The people, the church, the music, were all familiar. It was like returning home and sleeping in your old bed.

On one hand it was odd to be there with the parsonage gone and Mom and Dad still in Winnipeg. Rebecca was there with her whole family and then there was Sarah and me.
The sermon was good. I told a few people before church how excited I was when I saw the call list and realized who their pastor would be. Rev. Chepulis is not one to dumb things down or tread lightly around the truth. He preaches Christ and Him crucified. It was a joy to hear the law preached in all its harshness followed by the gospel in all its delight.

My sisters and I were greeted with open arms. Somewhere in the middle of the Te Deum it hit me. I was in the pew and with me in the nave were people who had taught me Sunday school, taken me to youth gatherings, whose children I had taught Sunday School. Women I had helped in the kitchen before and after potlucks. People who sent me aid when my house burned down six years ago. People who have prayed for my father through all his bouts with cancer. There was not an unfamiliar or unfriendly face. I was a daughter of St. Paul’s returning home for a visit and it was so good to be there. The only thing that would have made it better would have been the real presence of Christ in the Sacrament.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mate Szedlak Travel Journal Oct 13-23

Oct 13.
Bern Capitol of Sehneiz
We have seen the Parlament or government building, Munster church, The museum of Art. It has old Armors, Jewels, paintings and many other handwork and also environment of the primitive peoples of Asia and Afrika. Shoping Center.

Oct 14-15 Genova Italia
We have seen the Colombus square with the statue of Colombus, Plassa De Verdi with the large Terase from there we saw over the City the old Roman fortress, the harbor with the big ocean shipps. The King palace, academy of art. Piassa & Ella Vittoria with the nice flower park and Vis Codorne the sculpture gate, The Basalica of Genova and many other Churches. The churches buildings are in Gothic structure. The churches are outside shaby, but inside they are very colorful with frescos and statues.
The people are kind and well dressed, even the teen agers are well dressed and have nice hair due. It seems to be, that the Beatles didn’t conquer Italy yet.

Oct 16 Monte Carlo, Monaco
We leaved Genovo and a rainy morning to Monaco with a fast train wich stoped almost by each chicken cube.
The whole train was over crowed with labors and with their lugguages. The whole train was filty, even the first clas was filty. We have seen the Castel of Monaco or the palace of Prince Renold. The famos Gambling Casino and the sinery of Monte Carlo.

Oct. 17. Barzelona
The train Monaco to Barzeelona was over filed mostly with labors and lagguages
We arrived at 1.30 after midnight on the border station of Port Bou, Spain all pasanger of the train did have to leave the train with all their lagguages to the custody building for custody inspection. The inspection took more than one hour. The same did happen to us before we leaved the border of Spain.
Barzelona with her big harbor is the trade center of Spain. Has a museum and a romantic park with statues and water fall, big churches and government buildings.
Olsidently in the Cathedral of Barzelona we was a big wedding of the dignatory of the City. All the man wore froks and the ladies were in silk and furs.

Oct 18-19 Madrid
The ride on the Train from Barzelona to Madrid is not much to see. We have seen only rocky mountains and bare hils with no tries or shrubs. This very pour country.
We arrived at 9.40 in Madrid. It rained the whol day, so we stayed the first day in the hotel because the Streets were all dirty or mudy. The second day we went out for sight seeing to the King palace and park, Casidra of Madrid and other churches and statues. Since my wife didn’t feel well and also through lack of knowledge of the Spanish language, we desided not to go to Gibraltar and to Lisabon as we had pland it.
We leaved Madrid at 22.30 and arrived in the morning at 9.30 in Bayonne.

Oct 20 Bayonne
Since my did not feel well we stayed in the Rail raod station restaurant, till got a Train to Lourdes. We arrived in Lourdes at 17.30.

Oct 21. Lourdes
Sight seeing to the church of Francis of Assisy. The Basalica of Lourdes, The Calvary fourteen station, The Holy Spring Shrine, and the Lourdes Hospital where hundreds of sick and crippled people were pushed with the wheel chair from the hospital to the Holy Spring for heeling then from there to the Basalicka for the Lords Blessings. From there we went to the old Fortress of Charteuaugehe. The Fortress was build by the Arabs at 730 and on 814 the Normands took the fortress over and they build around the fortress wall. In 1373 England took over the fortress and since 1404 belongs to the Kindom of Franze. King Louis XV of France made of the fortress a prison and it was a political prison til 1920 and since that time is a museum of human environment or development from the stone age till the present Time.

Oct 22-23 Paris
Sight seeing to the Conservatory Museum of Tehnology in Mashinery, Electricity and mining of Minerals.
Statue of Blasse Pascal the founder of the Barometer. The Notre Dome Church, Basclica, The parlament of France, Court of Justice, Eifel Tower, Lafaette Palace and Park & Shopping Center

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A few random moments with Dorian

There are few things more relaxing in my life than watching my cat do something--that is something other than sleeping or spitting up his lunch. I just thought I'd share these.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Oct 7-12 1966

Oct. 7
We were in Augsburg where I worked once by the American Army. And we have visit some old friends.

Oct. 8. Munchen.
Have seen the City hall and we went up to the top on the City hall tower and had a nice view over the city. The Frauen Church, Cathedral and other historical and government buildings. At the evening we went to the state theater and saw a performance of Countuse Marica

Oct 9. We were in Wien

Oct 10. Salzburg.
Have seen the Cathedral and the Ost drunk Castle and the statue, The Fortress of Salzburg and the catacombs and the cemetery and also the

Oct 11 Insbruck
Have seen the Museum of Tirol, The Cathedral, The City park and some historical buildings. The rid on the Train from Insbruck to Zurich through the Alpine mountains has very nice seeneries and is also colorful with the Snow covered mountain.

Oct 12
Zurich a population of 440,000 has a shopping center, great Munster church, Ladis Church, St. Peter Church, City hall, The house of Congres and college.
The reid from Zurich to Bern was raining and foggy. The City is sorounded with the snow covered mountains

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Oct 4,5 & 6 1966

Oct 4 Manheim.
Has a romantic park with statues, flowers and water fall and on the center water tower. Nier the Cathedral, The City has been destroyed in the last war and the whole city is rebuild now.
Oct 4. Bad Durkleins has the largest wine barrel in the world. The barrel is used now as a restaurant.
Speyer is famous with her Roman build large Cathedral where 13 Emperors of the Roman Empire are buried.

Oct. 5
We have visited some old friend from Hungary in Jacksfeld and Offeman.

We were by my Niece in Gerlengen

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Oct 3, 1966

Oct 3 Sightseeing in Heidelberg
The old Castle of Heidelberg was build between 1155-1300 by the Pfaly grafer or Count of Hohrnstaufer. Louis the XIV of France occupied on 1688 and on 1659 before the France army leaved the city, they destroyed the whole castle and never was rebuild again and since that time the castle is a ruin and is a famous place now for the tourist and with the beauty Necker river and vally has a nice sinery and the famous University.
Museum of Heidelberg.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Oct 2, 1966

Oct 2
After a two week tour through six countries we did rest a whole day in Eberbach

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Sept 30 & Oct 1, 1966

Sep 30 Luxemburg
Sight seeing to the old fortress of Luxenburg and the velly of the city.
Prinze Charle Palace
Cathedral of Luxemburg
The velly with the many viaduct bridges and the old fortress walls and shopping center.
The City is preaty and has many nice seneries and the people are very kind.

Oct 1.
We have seen the old Roman City of Trier and from there we came back to Eberbach