Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Oct 7-12 1966

Oct. 7
We were in Augsburg where I worked once by the American Army. And we have visit some old friends.

Oct. 8. Munchen.
Have seen the City hall and we went up to the top on the City hall tower and had a nice view over the city. The Frauen Church, Cathedral and other historical and government buildings. At the evening we went to the state theater and saw a performance of Countuse Marica

Oct 9. We were in Wien

Oct 10. Salzburg.
Have seen the Cathedral and the Ost drunk Castle and the statue, The Fortress of Salzburg and the catacombs and the cemetery and also the

Oct 11 Insbruck
Have seen the Museum of Tirol, The Cathedral, The City park and some historical buildings. The rid on the Train from Insbruck to Zurich through the Alpine mountains has very nice seeneries and is also colorful with the Snow covered mountain.

Oct 12
Zurich a population of 440,000 has a shopping center, great Munster church, Ladis Church, St. Peter Church, City hall, The house of Congres and college.
The reid from Zurich to Bern was raining and foggy. The City is sorounded with the snow covered mountains

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