Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal December 19-21 1966

Dez. 19
We ended our Holy land tour and we spend the day with leisure. We did some window shopping just for killing time. Afternoon at 3.30 We flew from Athen to Beiruth. Since the Ailrline Quanatis with them what should have to fly, was on stricks. So we did have to fly with the M.Easth airline to Beiruth and from Beiruth, with the Swiss Airline to Teheran. We arrived midnight in Teheran with a Trippy nose and a bad cold. We cald up our sone-in-law by phon and They picked us up from the Airport. Through the Quanties airline striche, I did have to pay of $65.50, because we made a little detour.

Dez. 20 We are by our daughter and soninlaw as guest for two months. Since we are tired and both of us have a bad cold a long rest will be good for us. Our daughter father in law Gen. Fazeli visited us and invited us to his house but as long as we have a cold, we will go nowhere.

21. Stayed the whole day in the house. Our little ground son Pirus is in the Hospitel and we can’t even see him.

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