Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Dec 22-31 1966

22. Afternoon our son in law took us out for a ride and we made some Christmas shopping for our grandchildren.

23. Our grandson Polad had his birthday party and the whole house was ful with kids. Then late afternoon Gen & Mrs. & Miss Fazeli came for a short visit and we had a good conversation. They invited us for dinner.

Christmas Schopping for the grandchildren and we had a nice Christmas evening. Our grand children were very excited when they saw their new bicicls.

25 at day Time I made a little walk and in the evening went to a movi. I went to a German Lutheran church service

26.I went on my daly walk and in the evening we went to the American Club for a little chat.

27 I mad a long walk and in the evening we went bowling, but the bowlerana was overcrowded so we went for a rid up to the mountain foot.

28-29 we stayed at home

30 In the evening we went to our son in law’s friend for dinner we had there some caviar and had a good time.

31 We didn’t go out in New Year’s eve since it was a strict Moslem mourning day and all puplic places were closth.

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