Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Jan 15-22

15. Sunday
Since my arm did sore from the vaccination shot so we didn’t go out.

16. Monday
I went for my daly walk

17. Tuesday
We went down to the City arranging our tour to Isfahan Shiras and Abadon, afterward we walked in the City the whole day.

18 Wendsday
My daly walk on the hills

19 Thursday
My daly walk

20. Friday We took our grandchildren to the school for children program

21 Saturday
We got on second Collera Vaccination and this was very strong. My whole body was shaken.

22. Sunday
We stayed in the house and packed our lagguage for a week long tour to South East and South west. In the evening Gen & Madam Fazeli visited us.

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