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Mate Szedlak Travel Journal Jan 23-31

Tour to Near East
23. Monday.
We left at 6.00 to the air port and at 7.00 we flew with Iranian airline and arrived at 7.55 in Esfahan.
Sight seeing in Esfahan
1. The fourty pillars palace or museum in which shah Abbas entertained his royal guest.
2. The king Mosque of Masjed E Shah. One of the most beautiful in the world
4. Masjed E Jum a, The oldest and most interesting Mosque. illustrating many styles of architecture.
4. The famous Bazaar, where everything is made by hand we have seen.

24 Tuesday.
There the gold silver cupper and brass sinieds, how they are making jewels tryses etg.
5. The art school and museum Chahar Bagh The anciend Theological school of Greec Orthodox
6. Mumar Jonban, the shaking minarets
7 Zoroastrian fire temple
8.The fine carpet waving art school and the
9. Khahan and Sio Sia bridges, They spanning the Zayanderood river. We left at 7.45 the Iranien tour hotel and at 8.35 we flew to Shiras arrived at 9.30

25 Wendsday
Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz Sight seeing of Shirar
1. The ark citadel the
2. tomb of the poem Saadi
3. Tomb of Hafer
4. The Mosque of Jun
5. Ghavani Mirror house and orange garden
6. Bazaar and the shopping center

26. Thursday Excursion to Persopolis to the majesting stone ruins of the Achanamin capital wich was founded by Darius the great in 500 B.C. and extended by Xerxes Artaxerse and Darius The second it was destroy by Alexander the gr or the Macedonian & Nagash-e Rostam, the Rock tomb of Achamenian Emperors Darius, Xerxes, Artaxeres and the carved Rock, The image of Darius the great, how he defided the Roman Emperor

27 Friday
We left at 10.00 Shiras and arrived at 10.50 in Abadon, Bahran was waiting us and he took us to the Abadon Hotel. Afternoon he showed us the city and bazaar and shopping center, then he drove us to the port of Kharranshar and in the evening he went with us in a Theater.

The city of Abadon has a population of 300,000. It had the largest oil refinery in the World. The oil refinery was build in 1941. It had 5 square mile extend and has an output of refined oil 19,000,000 tons a year. There are 10,500 daly paid and 2600 montly paid employies.

28. Saturday
Bahran had given us a 560 Km excursion ride at long the province of Khozestan
1. we have seen in Susa the tomb of the profet Daniel
2. The fortress of Susa
3. The ruins of the ancient capital of Elam founded
by Dahde Tarjus at 5000 B.C.
4. have seen a excevation of Haphtopy, where cc 100 people were working
5 The excevated temple of Chaghe Zanbil where every day (according to legend) a human been was sacreficed
6. The tombs of the ancient people
7 The City of Ahwas and the oil field and the military camp

29. Sunday
Sight seeing in oil refinery of Abadon. The company there shoved us a film of the exploration and drilling in the rugged parched mountain region in South Western part of Iran. and by seven years of fruitles searching they strucked oil on 1911 Masjid-i Sulaiman in the foothills of the Zagros range and so the Middle East Oil Industry was born. Afterwords they showed us the instalation of the oil refinery. It was very interesting

we left Abadon at 20.30 and Arrived at 22.00 in Teheran.

30. Monday.
It was a laizy day. We didn't go out.

31 Thursday Gen & Madame Fazeli were here. They were curious of our Near East Tour and we did have to teling them of what we had seen on our round trip.

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