Friday, February 24, 2012

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Feb 20-March 1

21 Tuesday
I went out to make Picture

22. Wednesday
We went in the city to shopping some items. Then we went into the Central Bank of Iran and saw the Treasury of the Crown Jewels of Iran. It is the most fabulous jewel collection in the whole world. The value of the jewels treasury is immeasurable

23 Thursday
Daly Walk

24 Friday we went to the famous skye resort for the whole day

25. Saturday
We saw the Arthsological Museum of Teheran and the Colestan King palace, The Royal Siting room and the drawing room with splendor furniture, oil paintings, carpets and other art collection.

26 Sunday
We stayed at home.

27 Monday
We went shopping and we bought 2 Kerinan Persian Carpets and on the evening we went to Shukuweno night club for dinner.

28 Tuesday
We stayed at home.

March 1 Wednesday
Our last day in Iran. We went to Gen Fazelis house say good by and afterward we went to the carpet center and picked up the insurance paper for our carpets. At 24.00we left Anna’s house and went to the Teheran Airport.

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