Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Feb 1-20 1967

February 1 Wendesday
I went for a little walk

2. Thursday
My wife had her birthday and we stayed at home.

3. Friday
We went to the American Club for diner. Afterward we visited two friends of our son in law and had there a good time.

4 Saturday
I went to Near East Tour traveling agenci and picked up my refund of 120 Rials afterward I went to Pakistan Abacy for visas

5. Sunday
I went for a little walk.

6. Monday
I wrote some mails

7. Tuesday
I had a little ride in the city

8. wendsday
I walked down town just for window shopping

9 Thursday
It was a lazy day.

10 Friday.
We went out for lunch in a famous perian resturant and afterward we drove around the city and saw a round 3 story building like a bal. The whole house stays on a one an half m in cross + cement base and have also seen the old palace of the Shah Pahlovi and the old and new sommer palace

11. Saturday
I went out for a little walk

12. Sunday
My wife and I walked downtown just for window shoping

13 Monday
We went into the bazaar and did some shopping
14 Tuesday
It was a lazy day

15 Wednesday
We went into Theater or movy and saw the Bibel story part of Genesy

16. Thursday
I walked

17. Friday
I went Grocery shopping

18. Saturday
I was a nasty day, we stayed at home

19. Sunday
In the evening we went to a movey

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