Saturday, February 11, 2012

Narrating my own thoughts

I pick up accents easily. I will watch a movie set in the south and for the rest of the evening my husband has to endure his wife not talking like the Midwest girl he fell in love with. The crazy thing is that I can pick them up from books. My thinking will automatically without even being conscious of it emulate the style of whatever I am reading or listening to being read.

My husband is currently reading Joseph Pearce’s biography of Oscar Wilde to me. I go to bed each night now narrating my life in the third person past tense explaining the contradictions between my & my husband’s public and personal personas or perhaps the lack of them. It is crazy. So now I’m reading Sarah Vowell (whom I will have the pleasure of hearing read on March 9th at Boswell Books) and I like her writing voice—partly because I think it most resembles my natural voice and I come away from reading her work feeling, speaking, and thinking more like myself.


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