Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal January 1-7, 1966

New Year 1967 Sunday
1 of Jan. I went up to the mountain with our daughter and son in law skeeing.

Jan 2 Monday
I went to Park Hotel to arrange by the Sita our tour to Shiras.

3 Tuesday today is a Moslem holy day or mourning day and all stors are closed. However I made a walk up to the hills

4. Wednesday In the morning we had 2 inches of snow. In the evening to the American club theater.

5. Thursday we went to Gen Fazelis for dinner. There were more people invited.

6. Fridday We went for a walk in nero and mudy street and have seen a group of people a Moslem preacher was preaching to them.

7. Saturday I cacht a cold again. My whole body does aching.

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