Monday, December 19, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Nov 6-25

Sorry I got so far behind. I hope to be caught up by Christmas.

Nov 6. We were invited to Miss A Unger for super

Nov. 7 We were invited for diner to the Plasers and for supper to Mr. & Mrs. Kohl.

Nov 8-9 We went to Burgenland and visited on old friend of Heilig in Lurndorf and in Parma our old Neighbor of our former Home land Hungary the Furhermans

Nov 10. We went sightseening in Wiena to the Shopping Center, Empire Palace and have seen in the palace the Empires furniture, Freskos and paintings and velualbe decorations

Nov 11. We went to Swanenstad visiting on old friends of us the Kastles.

Nov 12 Linz is a nice old city, The Capitol of Upon Austria has a shopping center, Cathedral and a park atlong the Danube river.

Nov 13 St. Pilter
We went to visit a former school teacher from Hungary. Mr. Kurz. He lives outside of the city of St. Palter. It was 2 ½ mil long walk and it was a raining
We got real wet.

Nov 14 Back in Wiena
We were invited for a supper to Mr. & Mrs. Eisenbach, an old friend of my wife.

Nov 15-16 We stayed at home. I wrote daeri. I was behind with my writing for a few days and my wife did some sowing.

Nov 17
Sight seeing to the Empire Castle, The Spanish hors ride school. Hof burg and Schatz Kamer. Have seen the Koronation Jewels and the ornaments and many other things. St. Stephan Cathedral with high tower and some other churches. The Park of Schonbrin and also the parlament and many other historical buildings and Statues. Belvedere palace.

Nov 18 Mrs. Nehis invited us in the evening to a wine stoobe for wine dringing on the home way was raining, so we got wet inside and so also outside.

Nov 19. We made a visit to our former neighbor to Mrs. Hoffer, from Hungary. We didn’t see each other for 21 year. Since we were driven out by communist regime. Than afterword we went to a friend of my wife To Miss A Unger to say good by and there we met to ladies from Hungary. We had there a good conversation of the old time.

Nov. 20.
For noon, we went into a church of Lising and afternoon we were invited for diner to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kohl and after diner, I show them the films wath I made in our European tour through 14 countries and we had there a good time.

Nov 21. We stayed at home by the Wormer and wrote my diary and som postcards for our friends.

Nov 22
We went to Schimbrien into the Zoo of Wiene and have seen all kinds of birds from all countinents and all kinds of animals. Then afterwards we went to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to say good by We werein Wiena for 23 days and during that time we had almost every day rain and fog. So we didn’t see much of Wiena.

Nov 23 We leaved Wiena at noon at 12.00 with a fast train train to Roma, Italia and when we came to the Wiena newstad about 80KM the sun came out and we had a nice sunshine trip till Scuering.
In Seumering, There was a foot snow on the ground and when we came to Arnoldstein, the Austraian and Italian border there was snowing and morning on Nov 24, when we arrived in Rome at 8.25 it did raining.

Nov 24 Rome
Afternoon we made some shopping

Nov 25 We were out shopping for the whole day. We bought some presents for our grandchildren daughter and son-in-law and for his parents and sister

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