Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal April 2

Sunday afternoon, We went to Takikawa to a church service where we took part of the Holy Comunion. On the home way we went through a 10km long City of Sunagova

3. Monday. We had a company at Ernö’s house. Rev. & Mrs. Schiesler with their family were here for dinner and we had a good time.

4. The whole day was raining so I couldn’t go out

5-6 relax

7. We had a ride at long the two coal mines

8. Rev. & Mrs Schiesler were here for supper

9. relax

10. We had a birthday party for Canisar a Japanise boy who was baptized a year ago to Christian faith

11-12-13 Relaxing

14 The first sight seeing tour to the rocky mountain of Sounkyo Hokkaido. We have seen the marvelous rocky natural walls and waterfalls and the beatyful sinery. We were overnight at the Hotel Sounkaku. We eat there a Japanese meal of it consist of
20 diferent dishes. On our home way on 15th, we stoped in Asahigawa (Morning sun river) at Rev. Patskys hous for dinner.

16. after noon we went to Takikawa for dinner in Restaraun where we kooked or roasted on the table our own meal in ginghis Khan still. It was a delicious meal

17. We were at the Rev Shoppa in Oasa Doushi for dinner

18 We went early in morning to Sapporo to arranging our tour to Central Japan.

The journal ends there. There are still about 20 blank pages in the book, so it seems unlikely that there is another journal after this one. The back page appears to be the score of some sort of game with columns marked “We” & “They” with progressively larger numbers written under each.
I know from my parents that they were in Japan for two months and then went to Hawaii before flying home.

This is my last entry about their trip around the world. I hope you have enjoyed it.

I’d be happy to entertain suggestions about what to do next with my blog. Not sure if I should keep sharing historical artifacts –like old journals or simply tell stories from my past or present. Let me know what you think.

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