Wednesday, August 19, 2009

“To our colors we will be ever true….”

I blame the media for us all being sick of news about Brett Favre. I am not a fan of his. I am a fan of a team he played for. That in itself is a bit ironic. Truth is I spent more Sunday’s watching football growing up than most people would believe, but I had only loose loyalties. The only thing I was certain of was that I didn’t like Minnesota. That’s a general principle with me. If it’s a team from Minnesota, regardless of the sport, I don’t like them. There are Minnesotans I know and love, but I have no use for teams that come from that state. Beyond that it was about colors, logos, real deep stuff. I never considered the Packers—green and gold and what’s with that G? So I rooted for the Bears, and the Redskins. I got a kick out of the commentary of John Madden. Then I went to college.

My first real encounter with Packer Backers was a retreat for Youth Ministry Teams that had to be scheduled to end so that the leaders wouldn’t miss the Sunday game. Come on people get your priorities strait! Then sophomore year I started dating a fan of professional teams from Wisconsin. He insisted on my watching every game with him all the way to the end no matter how bleak it looked. Favre was pretty new to the team and I spent a lot of time making fun of guy’s loyalty to a team and a quarterback who looked rather pathetic. Long story short, in time I became a fan and married the fan who made me watch the games.

Favorite Madden Quote of all time,

“We’re watching Brett Favre, be Brett Favre…really the only player he can be.”

Being a Packer fan in Milwaukee in the late Nineties was fun. Then we moved to The Fort. Suddenly we couldn’t catch all the games. I’d watch other games I didn’t care about just to catch the score of the Packers game. Later we’d follow the action on with play updates. Somewhat ironic, if seminarians wanted to talk pro football with a librarian it was the woman behind the desk who knew the most.

So I’m back in Milwaukee and Mr. Favre goes to play for a Minnesota team. I don’t blame him for playing. People who complain about him not staying retired sound as silly to me as sem wives who can’t understand why their husband needs more books. They seem to be denying nature. So if he can play let him play. I just won’t be rooting for him. I’ll be rooting, “Go Pack Go.”


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  1. The picture was taken right after the Pack won its last Super Bowl. That is my cat on top of the cable box. We we're trying to save money for the move to Fort Wayne, but kept cable until the Super Bowl was over because we thought Mr. Favre would see better with two eyes instead of the six that our antenna picked up. That Mr. Favre is on the TV was not intended. I was just trying to capture my Cat's fascination with the balloon that I won at a Milwaukee Public Library staff Packer party.