Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's in a name?

Mr. Gaba is known in the blogosphere for his attention to detail regarding the proper thing to call dates on the liturgical calendar and liturgical implements used in the divine service, but this attention to detail does not translate into all areas of his life. He has some odd habits about what to call things. One of his quirks is that he rarely calls a TV show by its given name. Some are called after his favorite character, others by some detail he feels distinguishes the show.

House-Dr. House
King of the Hill-Bobby
CSI New York-Mac
CSI Miami-Horatio
According to Jim-the Albanian Show
CSI-the Las Vegas dead body show
Criminal Minds-those guys who fly around in an airplane

Another quirk is his habit of giving very long descriptive names to his food. I'll make a hot dish out of various leftovers and he'll ask what it's called, I'll say Something like, "hot dish" or "a concoction." "No," he'll say, "let's call it elbow macaroni with broccoli, onions, celery, chicken and cream soup."

Then there is the matter of his middle name. Typical conversation:
Ruth: Latif, would you mind passing me the pepper.
Latif: Are you kidding me, my middle name is Passing-you-the-pepper.
Ruth: You had very strange parents.
Only minutes before he had told me that his middle name was Lets-eat-at-the-table. And earlier it was Put-gas-in-the-car.


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  1. Oh man, this makes me miss hanging out with you and Latif. Those days for me were the most fun back at the Fort.