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Class of 1990 Week 17 plus Christmas break

Class of 1990 week 17 + Christmas break

The choir was recorded for a Christmas radio broadcast on Monday. In computer class we used a mouse for the first time. I had to stay at school until after the volleyball game that night. I had a Kit Kat for supper. We beat Valley in both the JV and the varsity.

It was a very cold week and Tuesday I left for school early in hopes of getting a good spot to plug in the car. That night mom and I made candy for me to share on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a typical useless day before break. There was exchanging of gifts and I wrote about how dull I found the school Christmas party to be. I mostly hung out in the library and then drew some giant faces on the chalk board in the Home-Ec room. That night the Advent service was canceled due to the extreme cold.

Christmas Break:

Sarah flew to Hong Kong and spent Christmas with Rebecca. That left just me with Mom and Dad at home. I spent a lot of my break playing solitaire, reading Robotech, doing jigsaw puzzles and watching TV including the Simpson’s Christmas special. (The first time the Simpsons ever were featured in their own show.)


From classmates
Jaci- barrette
Peggy—brush and bracelet
From Sunday school students
Kayla—Address book
Troy—tin of chocolate covered cherries
From Family
Mom and Dad—Pencil sharpener, cassette tape carrying case, a cleaning cassette, & Chocolate mints
Rebecca—a very bright pink sweater with all sorts of wild appliqu├ęs on it, A coin purse made out of a sea shell a barrette made with shells (she got them in the Philippians) and a blue and white vase and matching cat (the vase and cat are the only gifts that I still own—they survived the fire without damage.)
Sarah—a green sweatshirt that she decorated with a counted cross stitch panda holding balloons that spelled my name. Originally she had planned to work on it on the plane going to Hong Kong, but finals week at UND was so dull that she finished the gift before her break and I got my gift at Christmas.
Grandma—Sony walkman
Auntie Norma—a large dictionary

After church on Christmas Eve Mom and Dad and I used the smoked crystal glasses that Mom had gotten from her dad. We rarely used them as there were only four glasses, and five in the family. After the move back from Japan the glasses were unavailable to enlarge the set. That night I dropped my glass and it hit the side of a china plate and broke, so now there are only three of them.

Christmas church got cancelled due to weather, but it cleared up enough that we braved very icy roads and headed to Winnipeg. It was an unusual trip in that for the first and only time I spent it hanging out with my cousin Colleen. I rode along when she took Grandma home.
Boxing Day Auntie Norma hosted an open house. In the morning Colleen and I went shopping. She got jeans and a sweater that was almost as loud and crazy as the one Rebecca sent me. We also needed to find cinnamon for Auntie Norma and ended up finally finding some at the second 7-11 we stopped at. Grocery stores were closed for the holiday but most mall stores were open. Go figure.
The open house was attended by a lot of extended family of the Weitzel and Schaefer variety.
As I wrote in my journal
Q: how do you tell a Schaefer from a Weitzel?
A: Weitzels stand, talk, and eat; Schaefers sit quietly, and don’t touch the food.

We came back home on the 27th. The next day I went to Cavalier to see the dentist. Mom gave me permission to refuse the fluoride treatment—they always made me gag. Dr. Olson tried to give one to me, “What would your mother think?” he asked.
“She said I could say no.”
“All right, but if you get a cavity next time I’ll give you two!”

Bob gave our family the game Rummikub and I spent a lot of time playing it with mom. Occasionally we even got Dad to join us.

On the 31st there was a Lutheran Youth Fellowship Zone Rally at Turtle River State Park. It was a sledding party. I took one run down the hill and then went inside and watched people and hung out with my LYF friends.

I ended the year babysitting. It was not a fun gig, and when I got home I thanked my parents for disciplining me. I made $10 for watching three very poorly behaved kids & I promised myself to never spend New Year’s Eve babysitting again.

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