Friday, January 15, 2010

Class of 1990 week 20

Monday there was no school. I made a trip to town with Mom to get things I needed to finish my bookcase. I also finally got to work on an LYF newsletter only to find something wrong with my typewriter. It was not giving a clean print, and no matter what I tried it would not improve. That afternoon Mrs. Kapple picked me up in her car to get me to the volleyball game in Langdon. We lost, and it was a long ride back home.

Tuesday was the start of a new semester. I was no longer in Shop but I still had my bookcase to finish. I would be able to come in during study halls and work on it. Computer class was over and we started Senior Math. If Senior Math had been offered in the fall instead of the spring I would have done much better on the Math part of the ACT. All those formulas I couldn't think of in the exam were covered the first week of the class. We also started Business Law with Mr. Hanson. Mrs. Kappel shelved Macbeth for a few weeks so we could get another school newspaper out. The big news of the day was that my Dad received a call to Plumas, Manitoba about two hours northwest of Winnipeg. Mom and I spend all evening playing "what if?" What if I stayed with someone in the congregation so I wouldn't have to move my senior year? How would that impact Sarah's and my financial aid for college? I got to call Sarah and tell her about it, then mom took the phone and I went and watched TV. The Wonder Years was my favorite show in those days.

The next day was a half day with Parent Teacher conferences. Both Mom and Dad went. Mostly my teachers liked me. A few said that they wished I wasn't a senior. Mom and Miss Kassian got into it a bit as Miss Kassian defended the idea that there was nothing wrong with letting Goal Keepers have extra time on the exam.

Thursday was volleyball with Munich. We lost both matches, but were missing three players and just about everyone played their limit. There were no fans as the American Legion in town was sponsoring a fun night. Peter kept the score board and freshmen stat keeper David was gone so Peggy had to do stats with Kevin. The two of them had some sort of argument earlier and Peggy had been sulking all day.

Friday I got a chill first hour that didn't go away until I got home. I fell asleep after school in Dad's chair while I was looking at the new JC Penny catalog. At 5:30 pm Sarah woke me up asking for my car keys. About 10 minutes later she left for Minot. Mom and Dad took my typewriter to Grand Forks and it was left there for repairs.

Saturday we had a home game against Valley. Won the JV in 2. Lost the varsity in 4. Valley was a team we were used to beating in volleyball and since all our other sports we co-oped with them, there was some pride in beating them at the one sport we competed against them in. Peggy was sick and in the end 5th grader Eric kept the score board. He did a perfect job, but nobody really trusted him and people kept asking him if he posted points. We also made use of two eighth grade girls to act as line judges, but they kept missing things and then made bad calls, mostly in our favor. It looked really bad.

Sunday Kayla and Troy read the Sunday School lesson in turns instead of my reading it to them. It was a big deal. Sarah got back home about 5:00 pm and Mom and Dad took her back to UND. I spent the evening writing Rebecca a letter.


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