Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Class of 1990 Week 23

In business law we spent another day watching IRS provided “boy meets girl and they talk about taxes” films. The one about the “Land of Celery” was the only deviation from the boy meets girl format.

That night we had our first Volley Ball playoff game against Drayton. We beat them in five.

We had two lyceums that day. The first was the one done by the Mixed Blood Theater Co., who presented a program about Jackie Robinson as part of Black History Month. The second was a zoo keeper. He told some great stories and had some animals with him. He even shared his moose call, “Here moosy!” Phyed was the last day of weight lifting.

For weeks Peter had been bugging me about not attending any basketball games. He kept telling me I should go because one of these times he was going to slam dunk the ball and I wouldn’t want to miss it. So with that encouragement, I attended my first boys' basketball game that night. Peter, Jaci and Peggy told me they were glad to see me at the game. Others were less than friendly and almost seemed offended by my being there. “What are you doing here?” I’d honestly tell them, “Peter told me I had to come to the game tonight.” Half time Peggy paid me two bucks to work the letter winners’ popcorn stand.

I started my own business. I put a sign up on the bulletin board in the library offering to find all the resources our small library held for your science fair project for only $1.00. My weekly allowance in those days amounted to only about $1.00 a week and babysitting jobs were not that frequent. My Christmas money was spent or in the bank for college and my birthday was more than a month off. I figured if I only made a dollar or two it would still let me have the occasional pop for a year book meeting.

Mr. Torgeson, upon seeing my sign, found me in the hall and loudly called me a “greedy capitalist pig.” The whole week was drunk driving awareness week. That day we had a state highway patrolman come in and talk to us. In volleyball we lost our last playoff match to Park River in three games. I had fun joking around with the student managers from Park River.

As part of drunk driving awareness week our school had a Ghost Out. The statistic was that every 17 minutes in American a person is killed by a drunk driver. To symbolize this every 17 minutes the name of someone from the 7th -12th grade was pulled out of a hat and their name was announced. That person then went to the office and their face was covered in white make-up and for the rest of the day he or she would sit in the back of the class rooms and not talk to anyone. 30% of the Jr.High and High school was “dead” by 3:00pm. I lived. Three in my class died. The last name was Kevin, who was on the team that organized the event. We had an assembly at the end of the day to discuss what we learned and he mentioned how odd it was to pull his own name out of the hat.

At home Sarah arrived for the weekend. Later Bob showed up. Before school Rebecca had called and I got to talk to her for a few minutes.

I was very lazy that weekend. Wrote a poem in my journal about how lazy I was. It is not worth sharing. Sunday I taught Sunday School, went to church, and that afternoon was an LYF meeting. Mom made a birthday cake for Bob. Dad had not decided about the call yet.


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