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Class of 1990 Week 24

Class of 1990 Week 24

Things we did in class that week

Present Day Problems with Mr. Torgeson: We did a project that required us to call a bank and ask questions about setting up accounts and getting loans. I dreaded making phone calls and put off the assignment as long a possible. I ended up calling the bank the morning the assignment was due and was fortunate that the guy was in early to answer my questions

Business Law with Mr. Hanson: We finished and were tested on the taxes portion of the class.

Senior math with Mrs. Hollis: We ate pie to celebrate her birthday.

English with Mrs. Kappel: We watched a movie version of Macbeth. My class had a habit of cracking knuckles, not just knuckles, snapping and cracking almost any body part, be it wrists, neck, back basically any joint that could make a pop. We were quite good at it. I don’t think it was our senior year, but on one watching the movie after reading the book or play occasion Mrs. Kappel was grading papers at the table in the back of the room since she had seen them so many times before. Someone in the class had held their arm in the same place for too long and when the person straightened, it made a loud pop. That set the rest of us off and for the next five minutes everyone was cracking their knuckles. It sounded like popcorn and Mrs. Kappel who was mostly ignoring us finally pulled her head up to ask what was going on. We just laughed.

That week on Friday we had our test for Macbeth and Mrs. Kappel was not there. Normally we would have the standard sub come in, Mr. Russum, who was not good at maintaining class discipline (understatement of the year). Mrs. Kappel had found her own sub that day. I don’t remember the sub’s names, but she was a nun though, as Peggy put it she wasn’t “dressed in her nun suit.” The guys in my class were all Roman Catholic. They had never behaved as well as they did that day.

Physics with Miss Kassian: We worked with the ripple tank that week. Sadly we did not finish our assignment on Friday with enough time to have paper boat races.

Girls Phy-ed with Mrs. Barker: With volleyball finally over we enjoyed having the entire gym to use for floor hockey.

Choir with Mr. Hillius: Most of the time was spent forming groups for the coming spring music contests. Juniors Kathy, Terri, & Stephanie joined me in forming a quartet for singing “He’s Gone Away.” I had made it into all the groups and was thinking that perhaps I could get out of the one doing “Life Keeps Moving.” That year the guys had a really good chance at some male ensembles. We even had one freshman guy working on a solo. It may have been the only vocal solo being done that year.

At home that week:

Wednesday was St. Valentines’ Day. Mom and dad gave me a box of chocolates. I watched and recorded The Princess Bride. I had seen it for the first time the previous summer in the Wisconsin Dells when Mom and Dad and I went on a trip to check out Concordia University Wisconsin. It was fast becoming my favorite movie.

That weekend Mom and I found and listened to some old reel to reel recorded letters from when Mom and Dad were in Japan. There was a very cute one of my cousin Colleen singing “I’ve got me a baby bumble bee.”

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