Thursday, February 18, 2010

Class of 1990 Week 25

In school I got three clients for my reference business. That night was parent's night and I was charged with making the commemorative sign for the parents section. I drew the letters and others painted them. After school I drove to Cavalier to pick up the flowers, then home. I got dressed in a mother approved outfit; I was the only one in my class who wore a skirt. I thought my folks were the best dressed of the parents. Kevin wore a suit.

After my work on the sign was seen Betty Walski, the school secretary, asked me to make some signs for the office since "I have such a nice printing style." Thanks to the Calligraphy course I took by correspondence the year before, I went from having the worst handwriting in the school to being asked to make signs. I still had bad handwriting which confused people. But the thing to realize is that calligraphy is drawing each letter like it is its own work of art. Handwriting was something I tend to do too fast as I try to keep up with the flow of words coming out of my brain.

On Thursday of that week we were left alone for a while in Business Law and the class discussion turned to tattoos. Peggy wanted to get one and was telling us about all the cool things that the tattoo artists in Grand Forks could do. I sarcastically commented, "Thrill, you can look young forever. Just have the guy tattoo zits on your face." Peter and Kevin laughed and then Peter added looking at his arm, "What about freckles?"

Friday was a big all-school pep rally. The cheerleaders planned to do a "family feud" game and in preparation passed around some surveys earlier in the week. Mr. Stuberg (Sixth grade teacher, driver's education, coach for Jr. high football and high school basketball) was up for the first questions. Jr. Stephanie was the host and the first question was "Who is the biggest flirt in the school? " Mr. Stuberg hit the bell first and shouted pointing at the host, "YOU!" It was the top answer and his team decided to try to get the rest of the answers. As he walked back to his side, Peter, who was on the other team, yelled a suggestion, "Pick Ruth!" There was a huge burst of laughter and I don't think anyone laughed harder than me. After several minutes of being doubled over Mr. Torgeson felt compelled to come over and ask me if I was OK.

At home I finally finished the LYF newsletter; I finally got a rough draft done for my Institute of Children's Literature class. Mom decided to pitch our run of Reader's Digest that went back to 1974. She let me flip through them first and I ripped out all the "word power" quizzes and some of the cartoons and jokes. I also started to do needle point.

Saturday I spent the day in Grand Forks at a Zone Great Commission Convocation. In one of the sessions we looked at the theological content of hymns and we discussed Lutheran Problems with the hymn "In the garden." It was the first time I had ever heard of that hymn. It is one of the ironies in my life that I have only sung it four times and each time it was sung it was done as an introduction to an explanation on why it has no place in the Lutheran Liturgy. If you're going to rip it up, why have me sing it first?

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