Monday, September 26, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal: Sept 26, 1966

Sep. 26. Oslo
Sight seeing.
King palace, the University, The Vigeland Sculputer in the Fragnor park. It covers and area of 75 acres.
The gigantic work of Gustav Vigeland, Comprising 256 single Statues of bronse. 150 statues of granite stones and a 30 feet high obiesk of a Granit stone is carved all over with from the bottom till the top with human figures. The whole statues simbalising the human being from the beginning till to end or death.
The great sculpture Vigeland worked on this project for 40 years.
Beyond the park is the museum at one time was the Vigeland’s studio. The oldest Ski museum in the world, with the Homenkollen Ski jump tower. The famos City hall of Oslo with the tower on wich is a 17 teen feet in diameter a gold clock. The walls of the hall, has lot of wood carvings and frescos, and the floor and the stairs are in mosaic of white, black, and gray marmors.
In the center of Oslo, is the old fortress.
Since we didn’t find a Hotel room in Oslo, we leaved the same night Oslo with the Train to Copenhaven.

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