Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Sept 3, 1966

New York Sept 3.
Motor Hotel
Two hundred miles long sightseeing in the State of New York, at long the Hudson River. We went through the Washington Hil, the 10m. long Rockefeller estate,
Rockefeller Country Club, where the membership cost for the first year $50.000.00, The state gas chamber and electric chair. The pigeon Mountain with the highest and sloppiest railroad in the world. Bear Pigeon Bridge, Bear Mountain, St. John Seminary, West Point the great military academy and Cadeth Chapel.
Statues of G. Washington and of Colonel Thayer, the father of the military academy and the war heros of the West Point. The 140 acres Hyde Park of the Franklin D. Roosevelt home and birth place. The garden of roses and the groves where president Roosevelt and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt are buried. The whole place is a museum now. We had a good diner at the famous Bear Mountain Restaurant.
On the home way, we went on the other side of the Hudson River.
On the steep ridge of the Anthony’s Nose, a road carved through the rock directly above the Hudson River.
It has a glorious beauty, scenery. The whole ride was 11 hours.

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