Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mate Szedlak's Travel Journal Sept 4, 1966

Sept. 4.
Sight seeing of the City of New York. Have seen the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The building is Gothic style. The construction had begun on 1820, and will be completed maybe on the year of 2000. It will be the largest and the impressive Cathedral in the U.S.A. St. Patric Cathedral, it look like the famous cathedral of Cologne (Germany) Greenwich Village, The Harlem, The Negro and Porto Rican section and the China Town. Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hal, United Nation Building, Washington bridge, Brooklyn bridge the longest in the U.S.A. wich connect the Manhatten Island. It spans the bay.
Statue of Liberty. We walked up on the top into the statue. Afterward we could hardly stand on our legs.
We also went up with the lift on the Empire State building to the 102 coud floor. It is the tallest building in the World. It rained the whole day, so I couldn’t take pictures of the city.
We came back to our Hotel exhausted and tired.

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